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The five most beautiful spas in Munich

Wellness in Japanese: We present the five most beautiful spas in Munich!

Sushi, comfortable tea ceremonies or colourful manga comic books – cultural exports from Japan have been popular among Europeans for years. But what most of them don’t know: comfy wellness days at the spa also have their origin in the Asian island state. For centuries, the Japanese have been convinced that water is not only meant for washing. Even the smallest are introduced to the traditional Japanese bathing culture. They get to know and learn to love the communicative care and cleaning concept at a very early age – mostly within the family circle. The underlying reason for doing this: it’s better to prevent than to have to deal with the damage and pain later.


In order to make the whole body resistant to negative environmental influence and stress, the Japanese not only use traditional massages that raise power and detoxify, but also pleasant, aromatic steams, a lot of hot bathing water as well as skin care emulsions, crèmes and oils. This way the body is cleaned, the skin nourished, the soul caressed and the mind strengthened after an exhausting day. Positive side effect after this beauty ritual: you won’t only feel attractive and self-confident again but your sleep and dreams will also get a whole new quality. If you would like to do your body and soul a favour and if you already crave for relaxation, here is our pick of the five most beautiful spas in Munich!


Spa in Munich: The Charles Spa at The Charles Hotel


700x300 The-Charels-Spa.Gym


A dreamful spa world discloses to the visitors on the basement floor of the five-star hotel: swim a few rounds in the spacious pool or just relax and hang loose in the Finnish sauna or the steam bath with a colour and aromatherapy healing treatment. This beautiful spa in Munich is also the right place for those who struggle with tensions and hardenings. The variety of classical, tropical and Asian treatments is mind-blowing: shiatsu treatments, traditional abyhanga massages, deep tissue massages or the Aromatherapy Experience leave no wish unfulfilled. Website:


Spa in Munich: Organic Luxury Day Spa


Natural cosmetics have already shaken off their image of Birkenstock sandals for a long time. The best example is the Organic Luxury Day Spa in Residenzstraße. You can escape from the daily routine of a metropolis and recharge your batteries in an exclusive ambient. The operators focus on effectiveness, purity and quality. All products that are used at Organic Luxury Day Spa contain first-class organic ingredients and are free of synthetic preservatives, colourants and fragrances as well as paraffin oils. Those, who are in search of holistic beauty and natural pure care, should arrange for an appointment here. Website:


Spa in Munich: Ovid Medical and Beauty Care


The way Publius Ovidius Naso told the beautiful girls back then: “See what makes your face recommendable”, the Ovid Medical and Beauty Care is committed to its clients’ looks, health and relaxation. Whether it’s a treatment that lasts several hours or a quick energy kick in between – at Ovid you’ll recover at the highest level and be spoiled with chosen high-tech or traditional low-tech treatments (effective therapies like ayurveda, shiatsu, energetic massages etc.). Website:


Spa in Munich: Aiyasha Medical Skin Care & Spa


700x300 AIYASHA-Yogaraum-plain


Asian minimalism determines the ambient at Aiyasha Medical Skin Care & Spa. Already during the welcome foot bath, the interior of dark precious wood, real gold, indirect light, Balinese candles and fresh exotic blossoms arranges for pure relaxation. The spa doesn’t only make a great visual impact straightaway, what is also very impressive is the wide range of treatments. The highlights are natural Asian applications like shiatsu or thai massages, which are mostly fulfilled by workers from Thailand or other Asian countries, and custom-made detox programmes. Website:


Spa in Munich: Blue Spa at Bayerischer Hof


700x300 Bayer Hof 01


A true classic among Munich spas is Blue Spa at Bayerischer Hof. High above Munich’s rooftops, the time seems to stand still. Those, searching for relaxation, can have a break from their stressful day here – whether it’s in the pool, during craniosacral therapy or a hot stone massage. Besides multifaceted beauty treatments, there is another special feature: the partner courses that are offered at Blue Spa. Everybody interested can learn the high art of the massage and this way arrange for relaxation within your own four walls. Website: