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Swimming pools in Munich: our top 5

For all water enthusiasts: here’s our pick of the five most beautiful swimming pools in Munich.

Whether you would like to do a few lengths like a true sports champion or just float around in an impressive Art Nouveau ambient – the Munich public baths leave nothing to be desired. And this is exactly where the problem starts: due to the great amount of different swimming pools, most Munich locals are often not able to pick one of them. Here’s our list of the five most beautiful swimming pools in Munich where you should have already taken a dip in.


Swimming pool Munich: Müller‘sches Volksbad

This public bath is a boon for architecture aficionados. Müller‘sches Volksbad is not only an Art Nouveau jewel among Munich swimming pools, it’s undeniably one of the most beautiful public bath houses in Europe. The small indoor swimming pool, which was formerly reserved for women, is the perfect place to do a few lengths or just enjoy the ambient. The temperatures, however, are much colder in the 31-metre-long basin of the former men’s swimming area. Is there a better place for challenging yourself in a little competition? In addition to the unrivaled architectural features at Müller’sches Volksbad, the Roman-Irish sweating bath is a special crowd puller. The body is slowly warmed up in differentially tempered hot air rooms. This is what makes it slightly different from the traditional sauna. You should also treat yourself to an all-over cool down, e.g. in the “iron virgin” (a semicircular shower with ten tubes where cold water shoots out of). There is one thing we know for sure: once you’ve discovered this historic temple where you can take a classy bath or go to the sauna, you’ll be hooked, just like everyone else who’s in on the secret.

Müller'sche Volksbad on the internet: 

address: Rosenheimer Straße 1, 81667 München


Swimming pool Munich: Olympia Schwimmhalle

Olympia Schwimmhalle provides the perfect surroundings for ambitious, sporty water lovers. And this is really no surprise since everything possible had been done to satisfy the needs of professional athletes during the pool construction on the occasion of the Olympic summer games in 1972. The pool offers more than mere swimming and training in five big basins. A 10 metre diving board arranges for a bunch of fun splash. Furthermore, there are numerous fitness courses on the programme – which are partly free of charge – e.g. aqua jogging, aqua step and training courses where you can improve your own swimming style. There is also an area for recuperation: visitors are invited to relax in the Olympic sauna paradise, on the big tribune, in the recovery pool or on the large lawn area for sunbathing.

Olympia Schwimmhalle on the internet: 

 address: Coubertinplatz 1, 80809 München


Swimming pool Munich: Westbad

Families will have a blast under the giant glass dome of this leisure pool. Children can have a fling in the runner, dive into the sports or adventure pool or take a ride on the 60-metre water slide. While their kids have fun in the water park, parents can enjoy some relaxing wellness moments – whether it’s in the hot tub, the steam bath or the open sauna world. A really successful combination of adventure and leisure-oriented experience! The centre’s large outdoor swimming pool is a highlight for young and old. The warm water is enriched with Bad Reichenhall salt water which is a true benefit for your skin. Families can fool around or relax to their heart’s content, or just have a cosy little chat. In summer, the pool has a lawn area for sunbathing with a naturist zone.

Westbad on the internet: 

  address: Weinbergerstraße 11, 81241 München


Swimming pool Munich: Mandarin Oriental

Those who love luxury and wish no more but an unforgettable bathing experience are in for a treat at the five-star-hotel Mandarin Oriental in Neuturmstraße. During the warm summer months, guests can swim a few rounds in the stunning pool high above the rooftops of Munich. Or they can just take a leisurely dip and enjoy the unrivaled view from the pool heated to a comfortable temperature. If the weather suddenly changes for the worse, there are many adequate alternatives the ritzy house offers, like the Turkish steam bath, the Finnish sauna or the lavish fitness centre.

Mandarin Oriental on the internet: 

 address: Neuturmstraße 1, 80331 München


Swimming pool Munich: Freibad Maria-Einsiedel

A very special gem among public baths in Munich is the nature bath Maria Einsiedel. For more than 100 years, the Munich locals have been enjoying a romantic open air bathing experience in the spacious parks and meadows alongside Isar river. This is where the outdoor swimming pool is located. With a length of about 400 metres, the Isar channel flows through the public bath and creates an idyllic scene reminding one of a rural lake – in the middle of a city. Eco-friendly microorganisms clean the bathing water in the 2.750 square-metre swimming and non-swimming area as well as in the children’s paddling pool. This means that the water is not chlorinated at all and that it doesn’t contain any other chemical supplements. Its special location not far from the Munich zoo makes Maria Einsiedel a perfect trip for the weekend. To keep your body and soul together, there are several beer gardens in and around the outdoor pool that offer food and beverages in abundance.

Maria Einsiedel on the internet: 

address: Zentralländstraße 28, 81379 München