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Rolls Royce Exhibition

The BMW Museum in Munich is now showing the first exhibition of Rolls Royce motor cars

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The unique collection, entitled "Strive for Perfection" honours the tenth anniversary of the renaissance of the brand under the leadership of the BMW Group. At the same time the exhibition looks back on another important date in the history of Rolls Royce: the company's founder, Sir Henry Royce, was born 10 years ago. The exhibits tell the history of the world's leading luxury brand chronologically – from the historic meeting of the founders, Sir Henry Royce and Charles Rolls in 1904, to the present.


15 original Rolls Royce on more than 1000 square metres


The exhibition is being held at the BMW Group Museum in Munich. Covering an area of more than 1000 square metres across five storeys, 15 original Rolls Royce automobiles from the years 1907 to 2012 are presented. These include the legendary Rolls Royce 10EX, one of the most important conceptual vehicles in the history of the automobile. It was built in 1926 to demonstrate the potential of the "New Phantom". The vehicle was developed to a large degree by Sir Henry Rolls personally, and he also drove the 10EX in his relentless ambition to achieve automobile perfection. The exhibition is supplemented by informative displays on important Rolls Royce subjects such as chassis construction, craftsmanship, bespoke individualisation, vehicle construction and advertising. The narrative concept of the exhibition also addresses key design features of Rolls Royce such as the radiator mascot Spirit of Ecstasy and the radiator grid in pantheon style.


High standard of craftsmanship of British luxury manufacture


In addition, the exhibition also makes reference to the high standard of craftsmanship of other British luxury manufacturers, for example in the areas of ladies' and gents' fashion, leather goods, watches, shoes and silver and glassware.


Exhibition duration: Until the end of March 2014


Address: Am Olympiapark 2, 80809 Munich


Opening hours: Tue – Sun: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m., Holidays: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.


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