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Restaurant Ella at Königsplatz

The new posh Italian restaurant Ella at Lenbachhaus with a view to the Propylaeum.

A restaurant at Königsplatz – this is very special in Munich. Almost everywhere in Munich you can dine in the most beautiful places, like Max-Josephs-Platz or Odeonsplatz. At Königsplatz, however, you have just been able to relax in the café inside the Glypothek so far. Outside Königsplatz there hasn’t been anything – until now. Restaurant Ella is still not directly at Königsplatz but in the basement floor of the golden annexe to Villa Lenbach. However, you won’t be allowed to come closer than that to Königsplatz with a restaurant anyway.


Classy food, silent greatness


Everybody who likes Mies van der Rohe, will love this restaurant. Take a better look and you’ll find some reminiscences of the great architect of the classical modernity. The luminescent marble wall behind the bar especially stands out from the crowd. The idea derives from Mies’ Barcelona Pavillon from the 20ies of last century. Ella is named after the girlfriend and lover of Wassily Kandinsky, Gabriele Münter, who was a successful and famous painter herself. Wassily called her Ella in his love letters. The name Ella refers to the collection at Lenbachhaus next-door because this is where the works of Kandinsky and Münter are.


Italian – what else?


The venue invites you to indulge in Italian cuisine. This is no surprise because Lenbachhaus represents a Tuscan villa and is a kind of taking a bow for Italy. The cook is someone who learned his craft. Chef Michael Hausberger had already worked at Königshof and Aquarello. At noon, you can order pasta and antipasti like Norcia ham and Umbrian salami. As a side-dish, there are grilled vegetables and chickpea tapenade for 12.50 Euros. Naturally, there is also a daily-changing business lunch like at any other location. In the evening, you can choose between various pasta, meat and fish dishes. Or you treat yourself a five-course dinner for 59 Euros or a three-course dinner for 32 Euros. The five-course dinner consists of Porchetta from the Poltinger sucking pig and Chianina prime boiled beef with gremolata, mascarpone polenta and vin santo onions. For dessert, there is a torta caprese with saffron, passion fruit and Chinotto ice cream.


Immediately behind Akropolis


Ella turns out to be a real highlight when you sit at the big terrace in spring and summer and have a view of the Propylaeum. After a while, you’ll feel like a tourist in Greece. As if you need to leave soon and visit the Parthenon on Akropolis next.


Daniel Lautenbacher


Address: Ella Restaurant & Café, Luisenstraße 33


Opening times: Mondays - Sundays 09.00 - 01.00 a.m.


Ella on the internet: