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Places to visit in Munich in summer

Maria Einsiedel, the waterfall in the English Garden and much more: beautiful places to visit in Munich in summer.

The whole world has probably heard of the Theresienwiese Park, the English Garden is also well-known outside of Munich and it is no longer just locals who head for the Flaucher woodland park area on the River Isar. After all, Munich has so many wonderful spaces and hidden places which can turn a warm summer's day into something quite special. We have compiled a selection of the most beautiful places to visit in Munich on a summer's day.


Maria Einsiedel natural swimming pool in Munich


Outdoor pools simply don't come any lovelier than the Maria Einsiedel natural swimming pool. This gem among Munich's outdoor pools lies in the city's green lung along the banks of the River Isar where the people of Munich have enjoyed swimming in the outdoors for well over a hundred years. The unique feature of this pool is that a 400-metre long channel of the River Isar flows through the pool, creating an idyll reminiscent of a rural lake – right in the heart of the city. No chlorine or other chemical additives are used to treat the water. Regardless of whether you enjoy daredevil dives or a few leisurely lengths in the cool water – once you have swum in the gentle, natural water, you will be sure to return. Our tip for an unforgettable summer day with the whole family: a morning excursion to Hellabrunn Zoo nearby combined with a leisurely afternoon in Maria Einsiedel natural swimming pool.

Address: Zentralländstraße 28, 81379 Munich / Opening hours: 5 June to 11 September 2013 from 09:00 - 18:00, on hot days from May to August, open until 20:00 / Website: Click here


The waterfall in the English Garden in Munich


The inhabitants of Munich cannot and would never want to be without their English Garden (and we're not just talking about the "nudists" here). That would be like Munich without beer gardens, the Oktoberfest or the Frauenkirche Church. But the "E Garden", as it is known, doesn't just captivate visitors because of its expansive lawns or great jogging trails through the green space. A further highlight of the English Garden is hidden in the southern part of the garden, near the Haus der Kunst. Hidden amongst the trees and bushes, an artificial waterfall bubbling up between the stones. There is simply no question, no other place in Munich compares to this romantic idyll on a summer's day, especially in the early morning. Admittedly you can't swim here, but is often enough to dip your legs in the icy cold water to refresh yourself on warm summer days.

Address: English Garden, the southern part near the Haus der Kunst.


The Japanese Tea House in Munich




Anyone who thinks that the crowds in the Hofbräuhaus are the only link between Munich and Asia is sadly misinformed. Alongside the well-known Chinese Tower, a second Asian-styled attraction draws tourists and locals alike to spend time in a relaxing and recuperative spot: we're talking about the Japanese Tea House. A real hidden gem among the loveliest places to visit in Munich during the summer, and often even long-established inhabitants of the city are unaware of this oasis of peace and tranquillity. The reason for this is most probably its secret location: positioned on a small island in the shadow of the monumental Haus der Kunst, it is easy to overlook the small building. But it is definitely worth a visit. The Japanese method of serving tea, often known as the Japanese tea ceremony, is taught and demonstrated in the Tea House. Anyone looking for a bit of a change after the hustle and bustle of Munich's beer gardens has most definitely come to the right place here.
Japanese tea ceremonies are held in the Japanese Tea House on the second weekend in the month from April to October at 14:00, 15:00, 16:00 and 17:00.


Address: Königinstraße 4, 80539 Munich


The Hubertus Fountain in Munich




Nymphenburg Palace is one of the most popular sights for visitors in Munich to stroll around and discover things in its spacious park, especially in spring and summer. A particularly lovely spot is to be found at the eastern end of the Nymphenburg Channel: nestling in the magnificent surroundings is the majestic Hubertus Fountain, constructed as a covered temple. The actual fountain is located inside the building along with a statue of a reindeer. Saint Hubertus, from whom the fountain takes its name, stands on the roof of the building. The Hubertus Fountain offers breathtaking views of Nymphenburg Palace and the huge fountain - a stunning panorama that has been known to cause goose bumps on visitors even in the height of summer.


Address: Waisenhausstraße , 80637 Munich / Website


Garden of the Alpine Museum in Munich


If the stressed inhabitants of Munich have no time for a holiday, they have a fantastic alternative right in the heart of the city: the Garden of the Alpine Museum on the Prater Island. Even an hour or so in this wonderful oasis in the centre of the city is enough to recharge your batteries to return recuperated to face everyday life. With a cool drink from the Isarlust Museum Café in their hand, visitors can make themselves comfortable in one of the many free deckchairs and allow their minds to drift. And the best thing of all: it's perfect to team a visit to the fountain with a short bike trip along the River Isar.


Opening hours: Tue - Fri 13:00 - 18:00, Sat - Sun 11:00 - 18:00 / Address: Praterinsel 5, 80538 Munich / Website: