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Munich: Travelling back in Time

Eating like in the Middle Ages, following Ludwig's traces: Where to experience historical Munich

What did Munich look like in the age of King Ludwig? What did people eat in Munich in the Middle Ages? What happened in the small laneways of the city centre, when the night wardens still made their rounds? We have compiled a few tips to allow you to travel instantly back in time to the Munich of yesteryear:


Hört Ihr Leut, Ihr seid geborgen, geht nach Haus, seid ohne Sorgen...

(Listen people, you are all safe, go home and do not worry...)


Who knows Munich better than the night warden, who makes his rounds every evening through the medieval laneways and ensures the safety of the citizens? One can travel back in time with him and hear exciting stories from yesteryear. Those who wish to add a culinary note to the experience can refresh themselves at the start of the tour with a hearty night warden's meal, and when the city is sleeping safely and peacefully, the night warden will bid farewell with a bedtime snack and a nightcap.


Alexander Gorlin 700


Would you like to know how royalty really lived behind the closed doors of the palace? The chambermaid Marie Louise or the valet Franzl will guide you through Nymphenburg Palace or the Munich Residence while the royal members are absent. Intrigues, love affairs, affairs of state or eating customs – nothing is hidden on this tour, and quite incidentally one can admire the magnificent buildings of the Bavarian kings.

Information on the night warden tours and lady's maid tours can be found, and bookings can be made, here:


Ja so warn's, die oiden Rittersleut!

(Yes, that's what they were like, the old knights!)


mhobl 700


In the tavern Zur Schandgeige meals are eaten as they were in the age of the knights: on Tuesdays and Thursdays the culinary experience begins with a cup of the finest mead. Then bread, salads and spreads are served – prepared in the manner of olden days. The main course is composed of hearty meat dishes with traditional side platters and dips. For the purpose of digestion and disinfection, a brandy from the inn's own fruit garden is served. Traditional pancakes with apple-pear sauce and a cheese platter round off the feast. Music can also be ordered upon request. Knight's Meals are held with a minimum of 10 persons and must be booked at least two days in advance.

Contact: Zur Schandgeige, Elisabethstraße 36, 80796 Munich. / Tel.: 089/33095790,


History meets technology

With the most modern of all means of transport – the Segway – you can experience the historical and the modern sides of Munich in a very special way. In small groups and with an experienced guide, you move through the historical highlights of Munich and stop at each site in order to gather information about and impressions of the metropolis. The journey begins in the pedestrian zone of the Old Town, before continuing to Königsplatz, Maximilianeum, the Jewish Museum, the German Museum and the English Garden.

Booking and information: