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MunicEyeWear in Munich

The spectacles manufacturers of Munich are represented in 27 countries. We take a look behind the success story.

Spectacles are no longer merely an aid to sight. They are important accessories and underline a person’s personality. They are considered to be an absolute must-have in the world of fashion. In professional life they frequently have an influence on the perception of others. Frameless or nerd-style? It says quite a lot about a person.


Uncompromising love of detail


But what does a pair of glasses need in order to have – and to show – class? The Munich spectacles makers from MunicEyeWear obviously know just the right answer. Their spectacles can be bought in over 3,000 shops in 27 countries worldwide. The success story began almost 20 years ago. “It was important to us back then to make our mark. In an age of soulless mass production, our products would once more transmit a feeling of craftsmanship and represent devoted and refined artisanship,” explains Marcus Riess, CEO and head designer of MunicEyeWear. “An uncompromising love of detail and quality is invested in every single one of our products, and at an absolutely fair price. For that reason we constantly receive global recognition. We have already won the design prize ‘Eyewear of the Year’ six times in Tokyo.”




The latest trends


The company is run by the married couple Ari and Marcus Riess. He is the creative one, while she implements his philosophy, thoughts and ideas. The result can definitely be seen and worn. Marcus Riess gives us an insight into the direction of the new trends in spectacles after the nerd glasses and vintage style: transparent pastel shades and strong colours as in our line ‘Jewel Colours’. ‘Jewel Colours’ are eyeglass frames that glitter like jewels in the light thanks to their ‘Precious Cut’. Inspired by the magnificent colours of real emeralds, sapphires, black diamonds and amethysts, and using the finest cellulose acetate, the plastic material from which the colourful frames are made.


If that is too colourful for some, they can choose the delicate shades of the ‘Pastel’ line. They flatter every face and make the colours of the wearer’s eyes glow. One cannot but think of the term favourite spectacles. But which one is it? MunicEyeWear makes it easier for us to decide. ‘Twin’ is a spectacles concept with which the Munich designers have impressed the market for many years already. These are quite simply different versions of your favourite spectacles. In other words: the same form, but a totally different statement. Sometimes fashionable, sometimes classic, sometimes elegant, always favourite.