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Münchner Kulturstrand

Double joy for Munich: Not only is the sun shining but Kulturstrand has opened its gates to the public once again!

There are not many places in Munich where it hasn’t already taken place: in front of the University, then at Vater-Rhein-Brunnen – on 9 May 2013, Kulturstrand of the local urbanism group called Urbanauten returned to Cornelius Bridge. Like 2012 at Vater-Rhein-Brunnen, there is one thing on board again: the huge red seat snake which is known as the longest art installation and which is going to wind over the old and brand new playground of Kulturstrand for the next three months. We are looking forward to take a seat. Kulturstrand opens up public space as a cultural and urban platform. Munich should thank the voluntary network Urbanauten for it. Their goal is to create living rooms in places in the middle of big cities that haven’t got much attention so far.


Munich’s biggest sandpit


Put your feet into the sand and there you go again! Not only adults will get their money’s worth during the live concerts, short film evenings, lectures, exhibitions, DJ performances and light art: different cultural and children’s programmes of all sections, consisting of afternoon play sessions and other beautiful things, are going to take place and upgrade the warm days daily.


Relaxing on the huge red seat snake


This holiday beach replacement is accessible by foot. Since 2012, a huge red seat snake has been a special eye catcher winding in the sand of the most lively beach spot in town. This is the place where stressed city slickers are able to snuggle up and relax with a cocktail in their hands, a place where people can close their eyes and transform the city noise into crashing seas. It couldn’t be more beautiful: what more could you wish for than being well-entertained and watch the sun going down over Isar with a drink in your hand? The seat snake and the new sun deck on Isar were created by beach architect Anna Bischoff. Last summer, she won the student architectural competition “Isarlust” for the future design of Kulturstrand in the inner-city Isar area. Her idea was to let Kulturstrand and its art installation “Isarlust=Convolvulaceae” snake across the Isar area. The sun deck can be dismantled within a few hours when high-water is announced.


Kulturstrand had to be canceled for 2014


Kulturstrand on the internet: 

(Picture: Kulturstrand)