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Max Dietl: The house of tradition

Max Dietl offers a tailor-made lifestyle rather than just selling fashion. (Promo)

A real gentleman has his suit custom-made to fit. It was on the basis of this conviction that Max Dietl built up the success of his fashion house after the Second World War. Germany, the country of the Economic Miracle, wanted to dress well and the visionary fashion entrepreneur caught the spirit of the age. Max Dietl created a name for himself as one of the best men's outfitters and, with his flattering suits, built up a reputation as one of the best men's outfitters and largest bespoke tailors in Germany. The spirit of Max Dietl is still present in his fashion house today.


The Munich company produces suits that are not conspicuous but rather embody pure unadulterated luxury. For the people who wear them, it is not about the price but rather about their absolute intrinsic value. The difference can be seen and felt immediately, thanks to the unique fabrics and qualities used, like Loro Piana, Scabal or Dormeuil. These suits are in a class of their own.


Max Dietl 45


In addition to their bespoke tailored garments, customers to Max Dietl will also find a wide selection of luxury goods. Gentlemen can select from collections from Brioni, Kiton, Zilli or Stefano Ricci, while women can choose creations from Jenny Packham, Zuhair Murad, Akris, Valentino, Bluemarine or Moschino. The success of the traditional Munich manufacturer is based on major fashion names and a strong awareness of the importance of tradition. His son Max and his wife Inge have been managing the company since the beginning of the 1990s. Daughter Vanessa is also involved with the company and continues the family tradition with exceptional dedication and commitment.


The fashion house offers its clientèle the best of the best


Every last thing revolves around the company's clients at Max Dietl: one of the many reasons why customers from all over the world head straight for the Max Dietl store on the Residenzstraße. Many of them are regular customers, as the fashion house offers its clientèle the very best of the best in its 1,800 m2 store. But it offers much more than this: "We don't just simply sell fashion. We sell a made-to-measure lifestyle. At Max Dietl, everything is a little more personal, even the fit," explains Max Dietl.


It is this fascinating mix of sophisticated luxury labels and glamorous elegance, of exquisite fabric quality and the rare art of craftsmanship, that differentiates Max Dietl's fashion house from other fashion retailers. The range only includes accessories and garments from the very best suppliers around the world. And, if required, Max Dietl can have them altered to fit the customer's figure by masters of their craft. Every new seam receives the same attention to detail as the original – even if it has to be done a little faster. 25 seamstresses and three tailors ensure that altered couture is delivered on time and fits like a glove. And in particularly urgent cases they will even work through the night.


A declaration of love to the beautiful things of life


Max Dietl 58


All Max Dietl's employees have a deep understanding of clothing and a passion for what is special and unique, such as heavenly soft Stefano Ricci jeans made of bi-elastic Japanese denim that promise their wearers the ultimate in comfort completely without the use of synthetic fibres. The genuine skate skin brand logo can be removed for washing. In this way, even mundane details become an affirmation of a cultivated way of life and an extraordinary lifestyle. It is currently en vogue to define your own individuality with made-to-measure luxury and rare high-end brands. Men of the world can give expression to their personalities with sophisticated attire, reptilian accessories and welted shoes from Max Dietl. Ladies will be inspired in the exquisite store by the dreamlike wedding dresses and sensuously beautiful dresses for festive occasions or might like to select a sophisticated business suit with a certain edge.


One thing's for sure: Max Dietl fashion emphasises the wearer's unique aura, with the range reading like a declaration of love to the beautiful things in life.


Address: Max Dietl House of Fashion, Residenzstraße 16, 80333 Munich


Max Dietl website: