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Lake Starnberg

A colourful range of recreational and leisure activities attracts Munich residents and tourists all year round to Lake Starnberg.

Whoever lives in Munich travels the 25 kilometres to Lake Starnberg at least once a year. The wonderful panorama from the Karwendel via the Benediktenwand to the Zugspitze provides relaxation, calm and a wide range of leisure activities to stressed city dwellers and tourists.


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A boating trip

Naturally, the best way to explore Starnberger See is on the water. A round trip on a steam ship, which ploughs through the water from April to October is ideal. Depending on which tour you choose, the trip will take you past impressive sights such as the palaces of Berg, Ammerland and Allmannshausen, or the Seeburg.

From the steamer you also get a wonderful view of Possenhofen Palace, in which Empress Sissi spent her childhood.


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Ludwig II

As well as Empress Sissi, Lake Starnberg is also associated with another personality: King Ludwig II. The reason: the king died here in 1886, of causes that are still unknown to this day. A "King's Tour" of the lake follows the traces of the famous king and empress. As well as a visit to the famous Votive Chapel and the Memorial Cross at the Lake, both of which were erected in Ludwig's honour, the steamer tour also makes a detour to the Sissi Museum in Possenhofen and the legendary Rose Island.


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Museums around the lake

Landlubbers, on the other hand, are recommended to visit one of the museums at Lake Starnberg. One of the most popular is the Museum der Phantasie in Bernried, in which the famous expressionism collection of Lothar-Günther Buchheim is displayed. Tip: after visiting the museum, why not take a small break in the beer garden of the nearby country inn "Drei Rosen". A hearty snack and a cool Radler will refresh you before you embark on the next destination.

One possibility is a detour to the historical railway station at Possenhofen. There, in the "Empress Elisabeth Museum", the life of the regent is presented in a fascinating tour. Starnberg itself houses one of the most modern museums in the region: The Lake Starnberg Museum comprises not only the "Neues Haus" but also the historical Lochmann Haus, which has been home to the Starnberg Museum of Local History since 1914.


Angling on Lake Starnberg

There are 25 different species of fish in Bavaria's second largest lake. It is therefore no surprise that Lake Starnberg is very popular among anglers during the fishing season from 1 April to 1 November. However, before you cast your line, you need not only the state fishing certificate, but also a catch permit in the form of an angler's card. This can be procured without problem from many fisheries in the area. By the way, the main catches of anglers and professional fishermen at Lake Starnberg are whitefish, char and pike.


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Bathing fun

In principle you can jump into "Munich's bathtub" at any point. However, many stretches of beach are privately owned or belong to hotel complexes, so it's better to keep to the official bathing areas. You can definitely paddle without a care in Starnberg Water Park. There is a large sunbathing meadow here, as well as a beach landing bridge with a bathing island, a volleyball field, a sandbox for the little ones and many more attractions. If the lake's water is too cold, you can simply swim in the indoor pool. Other recommended bathing spots are in Percha, Ambach, Seeshaupt, Tutzing and Possenhofen.

Our swimming tip: Bernried Park, with its 1.5 kilometre long lake shore. Here there are numerous wild swimming bays with a sandy floor for relaxing swimming, paddling and diving.


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Secret tip: Sebald Fishery in Ammerland

Whoever likes to fish will love the Sebald Fishery in Ammerland. In the shop you can buy freshly caught fish every day, including whitefish, char and trout, or in the evenings you can enjoy smoked specialities, fish pralines or fine fish salads. Particularly hungry customers can of course eat their food in the smart beer garden, which is adjacent to the fishery. As the fishery also rents out rowing, sailing and motor boats, you can get rid of some of the calories you have consumed immediately after you leave the comfort of the beer garden.


With the helicopter over the land of five lakes

Why not take a round trip in a helicopter to experience Lake Starnberg and the rest of the land of five lakes, including Ammer Lake, Lake Wessling, Lake Pilsen and Lake Wörth, from a totally new perspective!

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