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Flaucher - a phenomenon

A summer without the famous Flaucher? Unthinkable for Munich residents. The reason for that is quite simple.

The recipe for a perfect summer day in Munich: Gather around as many of your loved ones as you can, take some crates of beer or any other drinks within reach with you and mingle it with a generous amount of fantastic mood. Afterwards, lard everything with crispy sausages and a good portion of barbecue meat after your own fancy, get up on your bike and take a ride to Isarauen/Flaucher. Level of difficulty: easy. Cooking time: usually from the early mornings to late-night hours. Calories: not really important.

A look at the history

Following this manual – more or less, every year thousands of Munich natives have been spending their leisure time in the popular part of the Isar in the South of Munich – starting from 1839. With the beginning of the former Isar regulations as well as the extension of the Munich urban area on behalf of the industrialisation, the meadows, which couldn’t be used for agriculture anymore, became more and more important as a place for recovery and recreation. At former times, the stream pool wasn’t called Flaucher though. The name goes back to the pub “Zum Flaucher” which was opened by the Munich publican Johann Flaucher in the meadows of the West Isar coast around 1870.

There’s a place for everyone

A side trip to the Flaucher in the metropolitan summer is a matter of course for all Munich locals. This is where you meet friends for a barbecue; this is where you knock off work with colleagues or splash with your kids in the shallow water. Even though the vespertine run on the gravel shore could be a bit frightening, it’s a safe bet that there’s a place for everyone in the four kilometres long area which stretches from Brudermühlbrücke to the Zoo and out to the Southern city limits.

Flirt, barbecue, celebrate

From your cosy place you will be able to watch the buzz of activity on Munich’s biggest barbecue mile, hang loose and relax or meet new people and maybe even a new love while having a beer (the shallow water of the riverbank is, by the way, perfect for cooling). There’s no better place for flirting during Munich summer but in this romantic, relaxing atmosphere. Munich locals from all different aging groups and surroundings get together in the colourful bustle. But no matter if it’s a student, a retired person, a housewife or a business man – there is one thing all of them have in common when they spend time at the Flaucher: they would like to enjoy a perfect summer day in their beautiful city.

The long and short of it

At this point, we could continue with the description of the unique atmosphere at the Flaucher page by page. There is enough material to fill them. But to really understand the phenomenon Flaucher, you need to experience it by yourself – ideally surrounded by your loved ones, with a beer in your hand and the warm setting sun in your face.