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Excursions to the Schliersee

Four good reasons why you should take a trip to one of Germany's most beautiful lakes

The Schliersee and its surroundings are without question among the most beautiful areas in the Bavarian Alpine uplands. But those who think that the region has nothing to offer except its picturesque landscape are most certainly mistaken. What many people do not know: the Schliersee can keep up with the best holiday paradises, such as Lake Garda. Here we present four good reasons why you should take a trip to one of the most beautiful lakes in Germany.


Wörth Island


The numerous trip destinations are not only located on the banks of the Schliersee, but also at its centre. A very popular day out for locals and tourists is the island of Wörth. Located roughly 200 metres from the western bank of the lake, it can be reached by boat, with the Schliersee ferry, or on an island taxi.

Our tip: Take a cruise to the two-hectare sized island on a Sunday. On this day, the Wirtshaus im See on the island provides a hearty Sunday brunch from 11.15 a.m. Bavarian delicacies and international classics can be enjoyed on the large summer terrace, while taking in the wonderful Schliersee panorama. More information online:




Those who like to get some exercise on their excursion will love the small ramble, lasting about an hour, from the Schliersee up to the Schliersbergalm. The path first follows Leitnerstraße to the valley station of the Schliersberg cable car. From there turn left into the Dekan-Maier-Weg, which leads through a more elevated area of Schliersee. Once you have passed the last few houses, the asphalt road becomes a wide path that winds in hairpin bends through the meadows to the Schliersbergalm.

Once you arrive you get a marvellous view of the entire Schliersee region. But that is not all: up here, at an altitude of 1061 metres, visitors receive an unexpected entertainment programme, with mini golf, trampoline, summer tobogganing and even a swimming pool. And here is precisely what will convince all the parents of the virtues of the Schliersbergalm: while the kids are having fun, the adults can relax wonderfully with a nice sip of wine and seasonal delicacies in the beer garden of the restaurant. More information online:


Hohenwaldeck Ruined Castle




A historically exciting excursion destination is the ruined castle at Hohenwaldeck, to the east of the southern end of the Schliersee. Mysterious and wildly romantic, it stands on a rock spur, high up above the lake. Very little is known of the history of the few remaining stone walls and their original purpose. However, visitors can read the few known facts on an information display.

A visit to the ruins can be combined wonderfully with a ramble from Schliersee. The starting point is the hiking route W6 Oberleiten/Ruine Hohenwaldeck/Fischhausen, which leads to the Hof Oberleiten. A fenced path turns off to the right just before the farm. This continues as a rough path across meadows and into the forest. An anchored forest path then takes us a few metres uphill, before we finally find the ruins. More information online:


The Jennerwein Grave


jennergrab 01


Although the poacher Georg "Girgl" Jennerwein has been dead since 1877, he still means something to many Bavarians. The folk hero, who died in mysterious circumstances and who dared to confront the authorities while he was alive, is buried in Westenhofen cemetery in Schliersee – at least, that's what people say. In fact, the final resting place of the poacher is just as much a mystery as his death. In other words: to this day, nobody is entirely sure where the "Bazi" is truly buried. But two things are certain: the poacher's mysterious death made him immortal, and admirers can pay their last respects best of all here, in Schliersee.