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Allianz Arena

Not only does FC Bayern play here: What goes on in the Allianz Arena in Munich

Without a doubt the Allianz Arena, which opened in 2005, is one of Munich's most famous flagship sights. But whoever thinks the stadium has nothing to offer except world class football and famous athletes, is mistaken. As well as the unique architectural design of the Arena, a wide range of restaurants, numerous events and exciting tours attract countless visitors day in and day out – even when Bayern are not playing.


The Allianz Arena: Exciting facts

The club recently reported that 2.5 million visitors have already taken part in stadium tours since it opened in 2005. Around 3,000 guests are guided through the stadium on normal weekdays. The number is much smaller on match days, due to the comprehensive preparations: a maximum of 100 people can look around before taking their seats in the stands. Regardless of when you decide to view the Arena – a visit is always worthwhile.


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Opinions are divided on the eccentric design of the football temple, but one thing is clear: the Allianz Arena is a superlative stadium. With executive boxes and business seats it can accommodate over 71,137 spectators under its roof, with 57,343 seats. Special highlights include the 106 differently sized executive boxes with 1,374 seats, from which one can follow matches in a sheltered and exclusive atmosphere. However, anyone who is interested in a box seat needs to have patience. All of the spaces are fully booked until 2015.


The Allianz Arena: Exciting stadium tours

The best way to get a very special insight is to take a tour of the Arena. There is a choice of six different versions: the Arena, Kombi, VIP, Kids, Kick and Handicapped Tours. The Arena Tour is ideal for a brief visit. Over the course of 60 minutes visitors have the opportunity to inspect the stadium fully and to take a look behind the scenes. Those with more time can book the Kombi Tour. The combined ticket allows visitors to take the Arena Tour and enter the FC Bayern Experience, the largest club museum in Germany.

Those who participate in the VIP Tour experience the Allianz Arena from the perspective of a team or a VIP guest! During the course of the exclusive tour it is even possible to take a seat on the substitutes' bench or enjoy the unique view from the inside of an executive box. The Kick Tour is new in the Arena's programme. Among the attractions offered to the participant in this tour is to test their skills in shooting goals into the famous "goal wall" of the ZDF television show.


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Catering in the Allianz Arena

If the tummy starts to rumble after a long tour, the Arena Bistro can help. Regardless of whether you simply want to eat a small snack on the go or whether you wish to treat yourself to a longer break – the pleasant and relaxed atmosphere of the Bistro provides the ideal surroundings. With its interior architecture and casual, sporty design, the Bistro is a fitting addition to the Allianz Arena. As well as hot and cold drinks you can enjoy savoury snacks such as pizza, pasta, sandwiches etc. And there are also sweet delicacies on the menu, including cake and baked goods.

As well as the Bistro there is also the original atmosphere of the Bayern fans' bars (Fan-Treffs) and the Löwen ("Lion"), which are popular locations both before and after matches for enjoying a freshly poured beer and Bavarian specialities like roast pork, sausage salad, Leberkäs (meatloaf) or Obatzten (cheese spread) with pretzels. A total of 28 kiosks on Levels 2 and 6 provide quick snacks.


Events in the Allianz Arena

During the breaks for international fixtures the football temple in the north of Munich is a popular location for various different events. After all, the most modern football arena in the world offers the perfect surroundings. Especially popular: the 8 event boxes, which can be rented for meetings, product presentations, customer events, private parties and smaller occasions during the week.


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